8.5 Continuous Fryer

Doing the final installation just now for this 8.5m continuous fryer [that is just the fryer section]. We have never built anything like this before, but that is what we do.

3800 Ø x 8MM Stainless Cone

Knuckling a 3800 Ø x 8mm stainless steel cone for a 120,000 litre silo we are building [and sorry, no, we don't knuckle cones for other fabricators.

Showcase Kegs

A customer needed some kegs he wanted to mount in his tasting room.

Repairing 24,000 Litre Mix Tank

This 24,000 litre mix tank took 2 1/2 weeks to repair given the extremely difficult position the tank was in.

To Stop Slips, Trips and Falls

Just completed a safety access system complete with bund to a pallecon storage area. 2 of the pallecons contained canola oil and as expected, there are small spills which make the access are very slippery.

Stainless Tank & Mix 200L Jacketed Mix Tanks

Just finished 2 of 200 litre jacketed mix tanks for a very satisfied customer. The water jacket is to heat the product to 62°C in 30 minutes. The PLC controlled agitator has metal detectable scraper blades.

Our Stingray CM140FSS mixer used as a Butter Churn

Congratulations to the Noble Sir Lord Robert of Ha Ve Harvey Cheese in W.A. for winning 2 gold medals as well as the Champion Butter award this year, and all the best in your competition in Melbourne coming up.

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