At Stainless Tank & Mix we are proud of our ability to use our broad industry experience to build equipment that we (and others) haven’t built before.

We are often asked the question by a prospective customer “Have you built one of these before?” – Very often we answer confidently and truthfully – “No”.

Often these inquiries are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thus the customer is wary of whether we are able to produce the results to their satisfaction.

In all but very few cases, we are able to demonstrate to the customer that we have a clear understanding of their requirements, and can not only meet their requirements but also offer suggestions as to how to improve on what they were expecting, as well as anticipate potential problems that can be overcome by alternative design.

Our staff at Stainless Tank & Mix takes a keen interest in what the customer is trying to achieve and therefore ask many questions to enable to clarify influencing factors that may not be uncovered by a cursory glance.

Stainless Tank & Mix are very aware of:

  • Pharmaceutical and food requirements for clean design
  • OH&S aspects along with the usability of the equipment
  • Potential misuse / operator abuse
  • Longevity / long term economical design

Our Case Studies