Why Choose Us For Your Stainless Steel Fabrication?

Stainless Tank and Mix is a privately owned Australian company who has developed an industry reputation for the design and manufacture of custom fabricated tanks and mixers to meet your standards and requirements.

Since 1974, Stainless Tank & Mix has been designing and developing stainless steel fabrication for a wide range of industries. The experience of Stainless Tank & Mix, coupled with our numerous contacts in the industry as consultants, specialist engineers and suppliers, ensures the customer the best solution possible.

Our Mission Statement

Stainless Tank & Mix is the Standard
for Stainless Steel Fabrication Shops

Employees enjoy working at STM and they recommend us to other qualified personnel.
Employees are paid above the award wages and know that the boss cares about them.

Suppliers are paid by the 14th of the month. Suppliers recommend us to perspective customers.

STM is a fully compliant workshop with easy to follow workplace safety rules and risk assessments.

Lean manufacturing procedures are practised. New ideas & procedures are implemented.

Accurate and confidential files are maintained.
Quotes & invoices are traceable, professionally presented and easy to follow.

Employees wear neat, professional uniforms.
The factory floor is kept clean. Front yard is well presented.

Environmentally aware, employees are involved in community projects.

All customers are valuable and recommend STM to other companies who need our services.
Complaints are dealt with quickly & fairly to achieve a satisfied customer.





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