Design that works can only come about by experience

While no one can claim to know everything, years of experience in a wide range of industries gives the background necessary when selecting the appropriate design on any given project. But years of experience is not enough; what is important is that in those years of experience, the company was interested in what the customer was trying to do, listened to what had worked for him/her and what didn’t and what the surrounding circumstances were in any result – successful or unsuccessful.

The team at Stainless Tank & Mix are particularly interested in what the customer is trying to achieve, because if the customer wins, we win, if the customer loses, we lose. Stainless Tank & Mix utilise 3D modelling to help the customer visualise the end result, how the system will work, how it will fit in with the existing infrastructure and what alternatives there are.

Stainless Tank & Mix have taken advantage of the wealth of design programs available and can offer FEA [Finite Element Analysis], CFD [Computational Fluid Dynamics] among others to understand better what the expected forces and results will be on a given set of circumstances.

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