8.5 Continuous Fryer

Doing the final installation just now for this 8.5m continuous fryer [that is just the fryer section]. We have never built anything like this before, but that is what we do.

It includes the tilting dough hopper, the dough accumulator, the dough extruder with multiple heads for different product shapes, the fryer, the cooler, the outfeed collector, and the heating system. The fryer has a 3 chain belt system; 1 belt to hold the product under the oil, one belt to carry the product and a longitudinal crumb scraper belt – additionally there are 2 of side discharging belts for the crumbs.

Included is all the electrics and control system run in stainless steel conduits for a very clean design

While this whole system, while it has been substantially challenging involving 22 sets of drawings, it has been rewarding to see it come together and to see a delighted customer

All built from scratch in our Minto workshop

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