Custom Stainless Steel IBCs

Stainless Tank & Mix expertise in the design, fabrication and installation of IBCs for the chemicals, hazardous materials and food products are well proven. You can rely on ST&M’s stainless steel grade 304, 316 and 316L IBCs for cost-effective storing or transporting liquids and chemicals. ST&M manufactures to each client’s unique specification.

IBCs are available in wide range of sizes. Typically sizes would be between 500 and 3000-litre capacity depending on the product and the specific industry. IBCs can be easily cleaned and refilled saving on disposable containers. Different access hatches are available to allow easy access for cleaning. Alternatively, a CIP lid can be incorporated.

Differing qualities of finish can be made available; from mirror finish for pharmaceutical requirements to a basic unpolished finish.

Typically, steep-sloped bottoms for the IBCs are chosen to ensure 100% discharge. ST&M offer four-way entry for forklift trucks so they can be picked up from any side.

ST&M usually offer an integral stainless steel transport frame, but for more budget conscious applications, these frames can be galvanized. The outlet valve for the IBC can be either a slide gate or a butterfly valve. Either of these valves can be actuated.

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