Stainless Tank & Mix has been designing and building Powder Blenders for more than 40 years.

In that time has had the advantage of an exposure to a broad range of industries and applications. There are many different powder blending solutions available, which are set out below Stainless Tank & Mix also has extensive experience in associated equipment such as:
  • Powder Transfer Equipment – Augers, flowveyors, vacuum transfer systems etc.
  • Sieving Equipment – Rotary sieves, vibratory sieves
  • Magnet traps

Ribbon Blenders

Stainless Tank & Mix have a range of standard powder blenders available that would suit a range of industries and applications.

Alternatively, our design and engineering team can design and fabricate a custom design where required.

Ribbon Blenders in particular are a tried and proven method of blending powders in large quantities for economical outlay

Plough Blenders

Plough Blenders, often known as Plough Shear Mixers, provide users with a more aggressive mixing action than Ribbon Blenders.

Whether working with powders, granules or pastes; the Plough Shear agitator imparts high energy and results in quick and thorough results, with a necessary trade-off in energy use.

Stingray ASM - Auger Blender

The Stingray ASM is the ultimate blending machine particularly where the powdered product requires liquid additions.

Two attributes that make the Stingray ASM stand out is the ease of cleaning and the ability to mix down to 10% of its capacity.

Stingray CM - Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixers from Stainless Tank & Mix are not for the construction industry - they have been designed and built specifically for the food and allied industries and come in two standard sizes - 2.2cuft (60 litres) and 3.5cuft (90 litres). The 3.5 cuft unit being the preferred choice.