Custom Fabrication of Stainless Steel Bottom & Side Entry Mixers

The particular advantages of side entry or bottom entry agitators are:

  • the ease of access for maintenance – usually these mixers are fitted at a height that is relatively easy to access for maintenance rather than having to access the top of a tall silo and the inherent risks and time issues.
  • no long or heavy shafts that could require removal, replacement or repair.
  • multiple agitators can be fitted.

A common problem with these agitators is the shaft seal which cannot run dry – once the product level is lower than the shaft entry point, the balance product cannot be mixed; it is highly recommended that a level sensor or some level control is fitted so that the agitator will not turn on when the product level gets too low.

  • bottom-and-side-entry-mixers-a
  • bottom-and-side-entry-mixers-b
  • bottom-and-side-entry-mixers-c
  • bottom-and-side-entry-mixers-d
  • bottom-and-side-entry-mixers-e