Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Stingray ASM – Auger Blenders

Auger Mixers are designed for medium to high viscous products to provide a constant feed so that the batch remain constant. ST&M understands the importance of precise mixing of ingredients to achieve an ideal product, so we consider viscosity, particle size and shear sensitivity in the design of each custom auger.

ST&M Auger Mixers are widely used in Australia for mixing powder, whole or ground beans, spices, fermentation ingredients, flour, vegetables, whey proteins, etc.

ST&M Auger Mixer Features

  • Hygienic design stainless steel grade 304,316 and 316L.
  • Designed for consistent feed of viscous non-flowable product.
  • 3D Modelling and engineering drawings to meet specific requirements.
  • Product automatically discharged while the machine is running to prevent product separation.
  • Designed to be easily dismantled for cleaning and service.
  • Are designed for automatic control with safety switches.

ST&M Auger Mixer Options

  • Stainless steel sloped bottom hopper.
  • Vacuum construction.
  • Cover opening linear actuator.
  • Variable Speed Drive to control mixing speed.

ST&M establishes the best setup for your product in consultation with you.

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