Food & Beverage Industry Stainless Steel Solutions

Premium Stainless Steel Solutions for the Food & Beverage industries

At Stainless Tank & Mix, we custom fabricate and manufacture Food & Beverage Grade Stainless Steel Products, specialising in food and beverage handling & processing equipment which requires specialist knowledge and skills compared to non-sanitary applications. A myriad of requirements must be met every step of the way to ensure a finished system or product that is safe for processing food products, and can easily and reliably be cleaned and sanitized. Food Grade Process Equipment from Stainless Tank & Mix is custom designed with your needs and requirements front and centre, and then manufactured and installed to exacting standards that give us our reputation for systems that provide reliable operation with durable parts and componentry. Stainless Tank & Mix offer our stainless steel products as food grade safe. Enquire today for more information.