Custom Fabrication of Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Mixers

Magmix Engineering has over 25 years experience in the supply of high quality stainless steel products to the brewery, food and pharmaceutical industries. These industries demand the highest standards of workmanship to comply with the stringent hygiene and low contamination requirements required by Australian regulations. Customers can be confident in the knowledge that these products are manufactured to these high-quality levels and by maintaining an effectively managed Quality Assurance System that Magmix Engineering Ltd is recognised and is accredited with of the ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

Magmix Engineering has the in-house technical facilities to offer a wide variety of magetic drive mixer designs to meet the requirements of both the recognised codes and those specific to individual clients. Their experience and expertise enable us to offer a range of services from the design and manufacture of one-off items to multiple order magnetic drive mixer fabrications. Most of their magnetic mixing process vessels are unique and are built to suit specific process requirements.

The standard range from Magmix covers a wide range seen in the table below