Stainless Steel Tank Repairs

Before writing your tank off call Stainless Tank & Mix for an assessment

Every production manager’s nightmare – the tank has just been sucked in and seems to be damaged beyond repair! Before writing the tank off call Stainless Tank & Mix for an assessment, as the tank may still be repairable.

While stainless steel is very difficult to straighten out and bring back to pristine condition, often a tank can be repaired to a reasonably good workable condition. Whether it be a tank designedfabricated and installed by Stainless Tank & Mix, or your own onsite tank, we provide full servicing and repairs for your tank.

Another service Stainless Tank & Mix offer is replace the tank base that has been repaired many times and is totally beyond repair. Our experienced team can come to your site and carry out the replacement to your satisfaction. Our team are certified welders as well as confined space trained and certified and will carry out the work to completion with minimal disruption.

Contact us to see how we can help repair or restore an existing stainless steel tank or vessel.

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