Custom Stainless Steel Top Entry Agitators

Stainless Tank and Mix addresses the key factors that affect the mixing process and aims to determine the most efficient and cost-effective agitator configuration to achieve client’s individual requirement.

STM designers and engineering team can propose a top entry agitator design from a wide variety of agitator options. The design of our agitators can include detachable couplings, right angle/parallel shaft geared motors, mechanical seals, and removable blades.

Top entry agitators can be on-centre or off-centre, depending on the application. On-centre, agitators would normally require a baffle unless the product is more viscous. Setting the agitator off-centre can eliminate the need to have a baffle, and thus reduce cleaning issues in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Consideration is needed to determine what the agitator is required to do, and sometimes all that is required is to keep the product gently moving so as to maintain the temperature which is affected by the heating / cooling jacket, or to keep a solid in suspension.

Other agitator applications require that the product is shear mixed to ensure two or more products are completely homogenously blended.

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