Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Mix Stations

The mix station is the result of years of development combined with studying issues faced by customers to efficiently and effectively blend powder and liquids.

The purpose of the mixing station is to provide a mobile multi-function mixing system that creates pre-blends of expensive additives, mixes smaller quantities of complex batches or provides the mixing action required for a processing plant.

Often the customer has an expensive active ingredient that needs to be blended into a large quantity of base liquid and so the best method to achieve this is to pre-blend this active ingredient into a smaller quantity of base liquid and once this is done, the pre-blend is added to the larger batch.

Another scenario is where powder is needed to be added to a liquid base and the powder tends to sit on top of the liquid in the mix tank when added and/or separates into balls of unmixed powder. By adding the powder in through the powder inductor cone, the powder is shear mixed into the liquid stream resulting in a completely homogenous mix in a far shorter time frame than adding the powder on top of the liquid in a mix tank.

Many options can be included such as divert lines so the mixed product can be transferred elsewhere after it is mixed. Where the product is very expensive, a sliding catch tray can be included to capture residual product left in the recirculation pipework and the pump head after the mixing process is finished.

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