Contra Rotating Mixers

The contra-rotating mixer is one of the most effective mixing systems

Stainless Tank & Mix Contra Rotating Mixers are designed for blending medium to high viscous products and provide the best type of mixing available. The outer mixer frame provides the gentle folding action while scraping the sidewalls and bottom; the inner mix blade provides the higher shear action which can be adjusted via a variable speed drive.

The contra-rotating mixer is a very effective mixing systems, particularly where the product is to be heated or cooled while mixing. With variable speed drives on both gearboxes, a wide range of products can be mixed in the same tank. 

Contra Rotating Mixer Features

  • All contact parts are made of SS304/SS316.
  • Incorporates an anchor/scraper drive and a centrally mounted turbine drive.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Wall scraper options to avoid product sticking to the wall.

Contra Rotating Mixer Applications

  • Chocolate
  • Shampoos
  • Hair Gels
  • Cream
  • National Foods often require prompt/emergency response and ST&M have not disappointed


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