Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Mixing Vessels

Stainless Tank and Mix have developed a reputation for designing, manufacturing and installing stainless steel Mixing Vessels for a wide range of industries including food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and other allied industries. We assist our clients to determine the most efficient and cost-effective mixing vessel option by carefully considering product viscosity, temperature, processing time and liquid/solid ratio.

Stainless Tank & Mix ensures mixing vessels are available in wide range of sizes. Construction materials include stainless steel grade 304, 316, SAF2205 and SAF2507.

Diameter to Height ratio is important in determining the best solution for a customer. How the mixer is mounted is also important. A mixer may be mounted on a pipe bridge to provide some separation between the mixer and the vessel, or the mixer may be mounted directly on a pedestal which is fitted directly to the top of the vessel with a stiffening plate. This type of design is easier to keep clean.

Baffles are valuable in interrupting the product being mixed so as give a good mixing action. The baffles are usually mounted off the side wall of the tank, but where the mixer is a scrape side unit, baffles can be mounted from the top but must be adequately supported.

Often the mixing vessel requires the powdered additive or minor ingredients to be loaded by hand and therefore access platforms with stairs or ladders are required. ST&M can design and install these to AS1657 specifications.

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