Pasteuriser & Cooking System

Stainless Tank & Mix: Complete pasteuriser systems to heat and/or cool to your requirements.

ST&M Pasteurisers can be designed for processing of milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, ice cream, Gelato, juice, fruit juice, wine etc. in a range of sizes from 100 Litres/hr to 5,000 Litres/hr.

Including exceptional system control and data logging technology, using ST&M Pasteurisers mean you can set the pasteuriser up to heat or cool your product exactly as it needs to be, and the data collection and presentation interface allows you to check how the system has been operating throughout the pasteurisation process.

Standard recipes are saved into the system for different products like milk, juice, yoghurt and more, allowing consistent performance and quick system start up times. Even better are the custom temperature and duration controls you can adjust to suit the exact process and result you wish to get at the end of the pasteurisation process.

All ST&M Pasteurisers are designed, constructed and set up to perfectly suit our customer's needs and applications. They comply with Australian Food Safety Standards & Safe Food Australia, as well as being specifically developed to be easy to operate and clean!

There are many different styles of pasteuriser that can be used to heat and/or cool your product, of which the most common are set out below. 

Popular Features of ST&M Pasteurisers

  • Custom design following comprehensive customer consultation
  • Fully automated operation ensuring high efficiency where possible
  • Easy to operate for secure and repeatable production processes
  • Complies with all relevant safety standards including Safe Food Australia
  • Data logging to record process history
  • Systems capable of processing small or large batches
  • Fully adjustable temperature controls
  • Clean-in-place compatibility for easy cleaning
  • National Foods often require prompt/emergency response and ST&M have not disappointed


  • You did a much better job than I anticipated. Also the price compared with the opposition job of lesser quality.


  • A general pleasant and professional approach


  • Always able to help with prompt replies to requests

    John M

  • Work is carried out on time every time and the product and workmanship is first class


  • Reliability is very good – jobs done on time and to a high standard

    Paul. C

  • (regarding reliability) – has never had to be questioned as this stems from positive customer service

    Bruce. H

  • Both quality and workmanship often exceed requirements on both offsite and onsite projects


  • Fine standard of workmanship that meets specification requirements on a continual basis


  • Quality and workmanship is unsurpassed


  • Always deliver on time and are honest enough to advise if a delivery cannot be achieved whenever this may arise


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