Ribbon Blender Safety

Watch how these safety switches work - sorry I haven't worked how to edit the video so as to make it shorter [cut out the motor ramp up and ramp down time]

Contra Rotating Mixers

Just finishing off 2 off 2000 litre contra rotating mixers which incidentally is a repeat order of the same fabricated 4 years ago

500 Litre Paddle Blender

customer wanted to fabricate his own lid, but unit supplied with safety switch that holds the lid locked until the motor has run down to stop.

3800 Ø x 8MM Stainless Cone

Knuckling a 3800 Ø x 8mm stainless steel cone for a 120,000 litre silo we are building [and sorry, no, we don't knuckle cones for other fabricators.

2000 Litre Ribbon Blenders

3 off 2000 litre ribbon blenders going through the workshop at the moment of which 2 off are for export.

Another Quality 2000 Litre Ribbon Blender

One thing a little out of the ordinary was we fitted a remote control pendant so the operator could stop and start the blender while bagging off; customer's request.

Order for Turnkey Food Processing System

Feel rather humbled to receive an order and deposit for a processing system worth just under $400K last week from a small family based business here is Australia.

Pharma Grade Vacuum Contra-Mix Tank

As the requirement was for no flange at the top, the mixing cage had to be bolted together inside in the most hygienic manner possible - obviously never ideal to have bolted parts inside the tank.

Food Grade Ribbon Blenders

The platform is integral enabling the operator to access the blender while in production, and the cleaners can also use it to safely access the unit for cleaning.

Stainless Steel Food Grade Platforms

This platform will be another 2 metres higher - we chose to weld the legs to the deck frame and then sleeve and weld the legs to the stub legs on site for a neater cleaner result; to avoid bolted connections where possible/practical.

Contra-Rotating Mixer with Holding Tank

This is the best option for numerous cases - to have a contra-mix kettle where a very wide range of products can be mixed / cooked / prepared and then this batch of product is transferred to a holding tank.

Precision Manufacturing – Continous Fryer

A complex project being worked on right now - a complete continuous fryer system including the dough extruding system, the fryer, the cooler and the oil heating system.

Breakdown Replacement Hopper

Our customer needed to replace a very much abused loading hopper in a reasonable hurry.

Serious Mixing

One of our many projects on the go at the moment, 2 off 5000 litre mix tanks, all 316 grade stainless steel.

Starting the New Year

2nd day back today and we are shipping out the last of a bulk hopper project that was ordered at the last minute towards the end of last year.

Personal Delivery

When you have a project - this one was some large diameter vacuum rated ductwork; and you want to make sure the customer gets it on time as well as without damage even if the customer is more than 700kms away.

Ribbon Blender Rebuild

We have all heard the old saying about "wanting a silk purse out of a sows ear" We got the job of this stainless steel jigsaw puzzle.

Stainless Steel Duct

A nice project to build some large diameter vacuum rated ductwork coming through the shop right now.

Specialised Mixer Design

A large food additive company in south east Asia was having trouble with their mixers in their 350,000 litre tanks. Each mixer was driven by a 55kw motor.

Repairing Custom Stainless Steel Solutions

Stainless Tank & Mix are adept at repairing custom stainless steel solutions. You may think it is a write-off, we can repair it for you, fast!

Custom Processing Equipment

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Food, pharmaceutical, chemical... Stainless Tank & Mix have a solution for every industry and any special purpose.

Powder Hoppers

The customer’s design was similar, but we made a few tweaks to result in a neater outcome.

Square/Rectangle Tanks

Custom rectangular tanks - our customer had limited room and needed to store product that would need a little agitation to keep it in suspension.

Ribbon Blenders

Just shipped a neat little 200 litre ribbon blender to a customer for protein powders / sports supplements.

Showcase Kegs

A customer needed some kegs he wanted to mount in his tasting room.

Mixer Upgrade

While the upgrade we did, wasn't exactly showcase material, we had to work with the customers budget and requirements.

Weld Quality

As being typically self-critical of what we produce it gave me a buzz to get a report back on the welding we did on a tank we built 7 years ago.

Ingredients Bins

A valuable customer needed some specially designed ingredient bins that meet very stringent standards set down by their customer.

10kg Lab Mixer

10kg lab mixer for measuring data results from different mix formulations such as torque demand and temperature.

Relining Hastelloy C-276

Relining the inside of a reactor with Hastelloy C-276 - unbelievably expensive material; more than AUD$15,000 for the shell. #australianmade ,#stainlesstankandmix,#stainlessfabrication#pharmaceuticalmanufacturing#foodmanufacturing,#reactors#hastelloy#stainlesssolutions

100 Litre Pharma Mix Tank

AUSTRALIAN MADE - 100 litre pharma mix tank made in a hurry for an Australian pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Stainless Concrete Mixer

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For some time now due to demand, we haven't been able to keep our Stingray range of mixers in stock.

Quadruple Helix Ribbon Blender

Nearing completion of a 6000 litre ribbon blender.#ribbonblender #ribbonmixer #blender #helix #ribbons #stainlesssteel #stainlessfabrication #stainlesstankandmix

Repairing 24,000 Litre Mix Tank

This past week we finally finished repairing a 24,000 litre mix tank - took 2 1/2 weeks to do given the extremely difficult position the tank was in - 100mm from the wall on one side, 100mm from the adjacent tank on the opposite side, against the access platform at the front and a 800 wide walkway behind between other tanks in the tank farm, very little room to the ceiling and a total maze of pipework underneath, not to mention the temperature of about 30 degrees with 98% humidity as well as a very pedantic OH&S officer.

To Stop Slips, Trips and Falls

Just completed a safety access system complete with bund to a pallecon storage area. 2 of the pallecons contained canola oil and as expected, there are small spills which make the access are very slippery.

Blessed with a Loyal Team

This morning we were having our daily meeting and I brought up a point that had been disturbing me about the way we dealt with a particular aspect of our business and the discussion got pretty heated as we aired our thoughts - but the point was seen, accepted and the implementation got started.

Stainless Tank & Mix 200 Litre Jacketed Mix Tanks

Just finished 2 off 200 litre jacketed mix tanks for a very satisfied customer. The water jacket is to heat the product to 62°C in 30 minutes. The agitator has metal detectable scraper blades, and the agitator is PLC controlled so that it runs for a short time [30 seconds] and then pauses for a set period and cycles through so as not to overmix the product.

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