Australian Made Custom Stainless Steel Solutions – Removal/Relocation

Building this complete production system, the customer ran out of room in the original facility, so we were commissioned to remove and reinstall the complete system.

While the headroom presented a bit of a challenge, and not wanting to remove the room, we came up with a solution to safely carry out the install without damaging the production equipment of the new [existing] facility

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Australian Made Custom Stainless Steel Solutions


Ever had a mixer get destroyed like this?? There is hope. It is likely to be repairable.

This customer had the blades severely damaged by the operator dropping in blocks of hard product that should have been thawed first. Not a great outcome.

Thankfully for them we were able to fix them out of hours in a short space of time and they are back in production once more

Contact us for a bespoke system to suit your specific needs

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Business Owners Sabbatical – get out of the office and go and build a 600,000 litre tank.

In August this year we had an enquiry to build this 600,000 litre tank and due to the fact we had been rather short of work at the beginning of the year, and knowing we now had a lot of other work on, as the business owner I decided to take the job on as an opportunity to get out of the office and back on the tools for 6 weeks.

Taking on this project was way out of my comfort zone; used to sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer, hating any temperature above 22°, I lost 15kgs stressing that I would get the job completed on time as no end of challenges presented themselves in one way or another; particularly the weather [we were supposed to be in drought, but had maybe an average of 1 day per week raining], but very thankfully we left the tank on Friday 21st December with only a couple of days to go to clean a few more welds and carry out the hydro-static test and we are done.

The tank was reasonably complex with all sorts of baffles and internal parts. The tank is 10,500mm diameter x 7500mm high with a cone top.

P.S. My sincere apologies to our customers who we didn’t give our usual prompt attention over the last 2 months. We have not had this volume of work ever before, which was an accumulation of orders accepted, the project scope increase as well as a couple of customers with breakdowns that were desperate for someone to help them out. A huge thanks to my team who handled this crisis in the best manner possible – they are now enjoying 2 weeks off.

600,000 litre tank built on site in 6 weeks. ‪#stainlesstankandmix‪, #stainlesstank, #stainlessfabrication

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Blessed with a Loyal Team

This morning we were having our daily meeting and I brought up a point that had been disturbing me about the way we dealt with a particular aspect of our business and the discussion got pretty heated as we aired our thoughts – but the point was seen, accepted and the implementation got started. Then after lunch 2 of my staff came to me and said they had discussed the issue that had come up and thought that they would like to contribute – they said they could see that if they pushed themselves they would gain from it in the form of increased experience and learning as well as being able to contribute from their experience they had gained in previous employment. I gave them both a $100 gift card on the spot – not that I believe they we looking for a specific reward, but because it was one small way I could show that I really appreciated the gesture.

I always say; a company is only as good as the people it employs – so true and how fortunate I am to have these sort of employees, apart from my own 3 boys who enjoy working in the family business and treat it as their own.

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Replacement Tank in 7 Days

One of our customers had an emergency – a tank that had been failing for some time, finally was no longer usable. Typical story where the accounts/finance department isn’t really interested in the engineering/maintenance teams’ request for budget allocation for equipment that needs to be replaced before it is too late and there is a disaster – even if that disaster is only loss of production [I say “only” in the context that someone didn’t get hurt]

We were able to measure up and fabricate a replacement in 7 days [Sure we could have done it in less with 24 hour shifts but it wasn’t that urgent]‪#stainless‪ steel tank by Stainless Tank & Mix, #Stainless Tank & Mix, # stainless steel tank repairs, #stainless steel tank replacement, #urgent stainless steel tanks

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  • National Foods often require prompt/emergency response and ST&M have not disappointed


  • You did a much better job than I anticipated. Also the price compared with the opposition job of lesser quality.


  • A general pleasant and professional approach


  • Always able to help with prompt replies to requests

    John M

  • Work is carried out on time every time and the product and workmanship is first class


  • Reliability is very good – jobs done on time and to a high standard

    Paul. C

  • (regarding reliability) – has never had to be questioned as this stems from positive customer service

    Bruce. H

  • Both quality and workmanship often exceed requirements on both offsite and onsite projects


  • Fine standard of workmanship that meets specification requirements on a continual basis


  • Quality and workmanship is unsurpassed


  • Always deliver on time and are honest enough to advise if a delivery cannot be achieved whenever this may arise


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