160 Litre Heated Mix Tank for a Global Pharma Company

Just finished this little 160 litre heated mix tank for a global pharma company’s facility in South East Asia.

There was considerable work in ironing out each and every detail to ensure we captured the customers requirements to the letter.

tank bottom of 160 litre heated mixer
top view of the 160 litre heated mixer

> First of all as always there was the hygienic aspect
> There were specific mixing requirements which we addressed
> The requirement to check the calibration of the tank regularly required a solution that was simple to use, adequate in strength and be an ergonomic design that took into account maximum lift weights
> The whole tank system was to be electric and heat trace was applied for heating of the tank
> The tank had to be separated from the controls for cleaning
> The weigh scale system had to have a printer – a bit tricky in a typically wet environment
> The guarding had to be simple, effective and clean design

All designed and built from scratch with pride and care in our Minto workshop

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