Celebrating 50 Years

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF GREAT SERVICE AND SOLUTIONS - PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE50 years ago Chris Firth registered the name Camair Industries and commenced contract work in a limited field.Forward…

Hoppers and Transitions

Trying to keep up with the jobs as they are going out the door before Christmas.

Silk Purse

You've heard the old saying - you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear meaning = What does it mean to make a silk purse out of a sow ear?

200 Litre Open Top Drums

6 off smooth wall 200 litre open top drums in 316 grade stainless steel with lid and lock ring for a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer.

2500 Litre Mix Tank

Just finishing off a very tidy 2500 litre mix tank.

Auger 150mm Diameter

Nothing particularly spectacular, just a very neat little auger just complete

Stainless Steel Press System

Just completed a full stainless steel press system [some members are mild steel but completely skinned with stainless steel sheet.

2 Smart Looking Tanks

Just finished 2 very smart looking tanks / IBC's set up for line marking paint. All radiused corners and a bag filter cage.

32 Litre Dosing Tank

The pharma customer needed a magnetic drive mixer to be installed in their small 32 litre dosing tank.

Standard Stainless Tank

While there may be common sizes, very often those sizes don't work because of site constraints, whether it be the width or the height, or the clearance under the tank.

55T / 127,000 Litre Flour Silo

55T / 127,000 Litre Flour silo - 3800 diameter x 15,500 straight sides [17,130 to top of handrail], skirt mounted with 4 offload cell points, access ladder system, top cone davit arm, and live bottom.

Serious Mixing

One of our many projects on the go at the moment, 2 off 5000 litre mix tanks, all 316 grade stainless steel.

Powder Hoppers

The customer’s design was similar, but we made a few tweaks to result in a neater outcome.

Ribbon Blenders

Just shipped a neat little 200 litre ribbon blender to a customer for protein powders / sports supplements.

Showcase Kegs

A customer needed some kegs he wanted to mount in his tasting room.

10kg Lab Mixer

10kg lab mixer for measuring data results from different mix formulations such as torque demand and temperature.

Relining Hastelloy C-276

Relining the inside of a reactor with Hastelloy C-276 - unbelievably expensive material; more than AUD$15,000 for the shell.

100 Litre Pharma Mix Tank

AUSTRALIAN MADE - 100 litre pharma mix tank made in a hurry for an Australian pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Repairing 24,000 Litre Mix Tank

This 24,000 litre mix tank took 2 1/2 weeks to repair given the extremely difficult position the tank was in.

To Stop Slips, Trips and Falls

Just completed a safety access system complete with bund to a pallecon storage area. 2 of the pallecons contained canola oil and as expected, there are small spills which make the access are very slippery.

Blessed with a Loyal Team

This morning we were having our daily meeting and I brought up a point that had been disturbing me about the way we dealt with a particular aspect of our business and the discussion got pretty heated as we aired our thoughts - but the point was seen, accepted and the implementation got started.

Stainless Tank & Mix 200L Jacketed Mix Tanks

Just finished 2 of 200 litre jacketed mix tanks for a very satisfied customer. The water jacket is to heat the product to 62°C in 30 minutes. The PLC controlled agitator has metal detectable scraper blades.

Our Stingray CM140FSS mixer used as a Butter Churn

Congratulations to the Noble Sir Lord Robert of Ha Ve Harvey Cheese in W.A. for winning 2 gold medals as well as the Champion Butter award this year, and all the best in your competition in Melbourne coming up.

Replacement Tank in 7 Days

One of our customers had an emergency - a tank that had been failing for some time, finally was no longer usable.

Fabricated Jacketed Mix Tanks

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Another quality full stainless steel pair of mix tanks complete with stainless electric motor and nickel plated gearbox. Pressure rated water jacket, and cage mixer with side and bottom scrapers.

The Flexible Production Facility

ONE of the leading challenges faced by the food and beverage industry today is the ability to change quickly to meet market demands.

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