Blessed with a Loyal Team

This morning we were having our daily meeting and I brought up a point that had been disturbing me about the way we dealt with a particular aspect of our business and the discussion got pretty heated as we aired our thoughts – but the point was seen, accepted and the implementation got started. Then after lunch 2 of my staff came to me and said they had discussed the issue that had come up and thought that they would like to contribute – they said they could see that if they pushed themselves they would gain from it in the form of increased experience and learning as well as being able to contribute from their experience they had gained in previous employment. I gave them both a $100 gift card on the spot – not that I believe they we looking for a specific reward, but because it was one small way I could show that I really appreciated the gesture.

I always say; a company is only as good as the people it employs – so true and how fortunate I am to have these sort of employees, apart from my own 3 boys who enjoy working in the family business and treat it as their own.