Assembly Mixer

Not always 100% proud of some items, but this mixer assembly has come up exceptionally well.

20 Litre and 10 Litre Concrete Mixer

Both mixers have a spare bowl, so one can be getting washed while the other is operating. The bowls are easily removed and replaced with a simple clamp at the back.

2000 litre ribbon blender

A 2000-liter ribbon blender is still going strong, the only maintenance it has probably had changes to the gland packing on the shaft seals.

2 Off IBC Mixers

A simple mixer to blend products in a standard plastic IBC.

Contra Rotating Mixers

Just finishing off 2 off 2000 litre contra rotating mixers which incidentally is a repeat order of the same fabricated 4 years ago

Contra-Rotating Mixer with Holding Tank

Another 2000 litre mixing kettle pair complete. The best option for many cases is to have a contra-mix kettle where a very wide range of products can be mixed / cooked / prepared and then this batch of product is transferred to a holding tank.

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