Shear Mixing Head Repaired

The customers shear mixing head had been repaired/refurbished a number of times until finally needed replacing. Contact us for a bespoke system to suit your specific needs

Export Quality Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

All stainless steel construction including the platform; platform has a double pallet loading bay with a roll-over safety gate and access to the rear of the blender for cleaning and access to the dust extraction points.

Custom Designed Multifunction Mixing System

Just finished installing and now commissioning a multifunctioning mixing system which will give the customer a considerable amount of flexibility to produce a wide range of products.

Serious Mixing

One of our many projects on the go at the moment, 2 off 5000 litre mix tanks, all 316 grade stainless steel.

Powder Hoppers

The customer’s design was similar, but we made a few tweaks to result in a neater outcome.

Square/Rectangle Tanks

Custom rectangular tanks - our customer had limited room and needed to store product that would need a little agitation to keep it in suspension.

Batching – Bulk Storage Systems

Bulk Storage Systems - The customer needed bulk storage of raw ingredients to get better cost effective deliveries.

Ingredients Bins

A valuable customer needed some specially designed ingredient bins that meet very stringent standards set down by their customer.

Fabricated Jacketed Mix Tanks

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Another quality full stainless steel pair of mix tanks complete with stainless electric motor and nickel plated gearbox. Pressure rated water jacket, and cage mixer with side and bottom scrapers.

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