Custom Designed Multifunction Mixing System

Just finished installing and now commissioning a multifunctioning mixing system which will give the customer a considerable amount of flexibility to produce a wide range of products.

This sytem includes;
> an anchor mixer with side and bottom scrapers
> a high shear mixer
> a pitch balde turbine for general agitation
> a lobe pump with an inline emulsifier to recirculate product for additional emulsifying
> a dry ingredients additions system for 2 different ingredients set up on weigh cells for accurate dosing
> Liquid ingredients are dosed via flow meters
> a holding tank so the mix tank can transfer to while the next batch is blending so as to be able to run 2 fillers continuously
> a CIP function that covers both tanks and the pipework including the pipework to the fillers
> all wiring done in stainless steel conduits capped with cable glands in the caps.
> PLC controled system with an intuitive HMI panel which includes recipes that can be locked as well as it can be manually operated

All built from scratch in our Minto workshop

Contact us for a bespoke system to suit your specific needs