Another 2000 Litre Ribbon Blender

Not the greatest photos, but another quality ribbon blender complete with: * associated platform, * painted support structure - made separate so as to be able to install the blender inside an existing room * included is a vacuum lifting system for the operator to load the mixer with bags * 3 alternative size screens complete with safety switch tongue * upper and lower level controls for ease of operating.

Export Quality Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

All stainless steel construction including the platform; platform has a double pallet loading bay with a roll-over safety gate and access to the rear of the blender for cleaning and access to the dust extraction points.

Ribbon Blender

Another successful ribbon blender - part of the design requirement was to avoid build-up of product around the ribbon assembly as can be seen in the photo in the bottom left hand corner.

1,500 Litre Ribbon Blender

New 1,500 litre ribbon blender mixing assembly for nutraceutical company - blender on stand with operator platform, staircase and pallet platform. Handrail has swing gate to allow loading by auger.

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