Food Grade Ribbon Blenders

A recent blender we built that provides a very flexible solution to a number of areas.

Firstly, it is mobile, so it can be wheeled into production for use and then wheeled out to the wash-bay for cleaning.

The platform is integral enabling the operator to access the blender while in production, and the cleaners can also use it to safely access the unit for cleaning.

The bag tip station is very user friendly and can easily be hinged back to change the screen for different apertures as well as the mix can be easily and safely viewed while the blender is running.

The main lid can be completely opened for cleaning access – It is guarded by Cat3 safety switch.

The blender was also fitted with 2 speed options – mixing speed, then a slow speed option to select when discharging to ensure consistent discharge rate.


Contact us for a bespoke system to suit your specific needs.