Silk Purse

You've heard the old saying - you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear meaning = What does it mean to make a silk purse out of a sow ear?

6000 Litre Boiler Feedwater Tank

This tank is to replace an existing tank, which will be lifted in through the roof and therefore the ladder and platform need to be easily removeable and reinstalled.

Pre-polishing Pressure Vessel 

In house pre-polishing of a pressure vessel and then being plastic covered to protect the surface while fabricating.

Standard Stainless Tank

While there may be common sizes, very often those sizes don't work because of site constraints, whether it be the width or the height, or the clearance under the tank.

Blessed with a Loyal Team

This morning we were having our daily meeting and I brought up a point that had been disturbing me about the way we dealt with a particular aspect of our business and the discussion got pretty heated as we aired our thoughts - but the point was seen, accepted and the implementation got started.

Stainless Tank & Mix 200L Jacketed Mix Tanks

Just finished 2 of 200 litre jacketed mix tanks for a very satisfied customer. The water jacket is to heat the product to 62°C in 30 minutes. The PLC controlled agitator has metal detectable scraper blades.

Replacement Tank in 7 Days

One of our customers had an emergency - a tank that had been failing for some time, finally was no longer usable.

The Flexible Production Facility

ONE of the leading challenges faced by the food and beverage industry today is the ability to change quickly to meet market demands.

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