Specialised Mixer Design

A large food additive company in south east Asia was having trouble with their mixers in their 350,000 litre tanks. Each mixer was driven by a 55kw motor.

Every 2 to 3 years the shaft would break, which it can be understood that this is not a quick or easy fix to repair.

Using our very complex mixer calculations we were able to run a detailed analysis taking into consideration factors such as;
· DOL startup when the tank was ½ full.
· Critical speed/ Natural frequencies for an overhung shaft.
· Torsional stresses
· Bending stresses
· Mixing performance requirements.
· Once a new shaft size was arrived at, the calculations were rerun.

The redesigned shaft has now been successfully running without issue for 6 years, and the same design has been used with confidence in a new tank installation.

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