Customised Mix Stations Specifically for Pre-Blending

Our mix stations are a highly flexible piece of equipment especially when speeding up the process of pre-blending that includes blending powder into liquid.

customised mix stations specifically for pre blending
pre blending loading cone

This particular batch have some really great features;
– powder loading bench with radiused corners including a powder loading cone that is integral with the bench for easy cleaning
– a grid mesh to minimize potential pieces of the powder bag being dropped into the loading cone
– a removeable lid for the powder cone
– A flow meter and solenoid valve complete with PLC control to dose given quantities of water [or other liquid] into the mix
– A recirculation line to ensure the powder is completely blended – the line also includes a take off which is fitted with a stainless steel dry break coupling so that the finished product can be transferred to the next process. The dry break coupling ensures a clean break when the flexible transfer hose is removed
– A stainless steel top entry mixer – stainless motor and gearbox for the ultimate in clean mixing
– A safety switch on the mix tank lid and guarding around the mixer shaft
– Stainless motor cover on the emulsifier
– stainless steel castor frames with poly nylon wheels – all swivel and braked
– all electrical in stainless conduits where possible or cable tied to stainless rod
– operator document storage box at the back to store documents – SOP’s, checklists etc

stainless steel castor frames
mix tank lid around the mixer shaft
powder loading bench
stainless motor cover on the emulsifier

All built from scratch in our Minto workshop

Contact us for a bespoke system to suit your specific needs