Export Quality Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

All stainless steel construction including the platform; platform has a double pallet loading bay with a roll-over safety gate and access to the rear of the blender for cleaning and access to the dust extraction points.

Automation of Processing Systems

Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Automated Process Solutions Partnered with highly competent and experienced technicians Stainless Tank & Mix partner with highly competent and experienced technicians to develop and provide integrated…

Product Processing Systems

Products Silos, Tanks, Vessels & Vats Liquid Mixing Powder Blending Pasteuriser & Cooking System Other Products Industry Dairy Pharmaceuticals Food Beverage Chemicals & Cosmetics Process Engineering Product

Design & Consulting

Design that works can only come about by experience While no one can claim to know everything, years of experience in a wide range of industries gives the background necessary…

Turnkey Projects

We develop and provide complete projects Stainless Tank & Mix offer a uniquely strong solution to offer turnkey projects by increasing our existing substantial capability by partnering with highly competent…

CIP Systems – Clean In Place Systems

Custom Fabrication of Stainless Steel CIP Systems CIP (Clean in place) enables the customer to quickly and effectively clean equipment and pipework... without the need to dismantle / disassemble the…

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