25,000 Litre Heated Tank

A 25,000 litre heated, insulated & clad and agitated storage tank, heated with heat trace ready to be transported to site.

agitated storage tank
clad and agitated storage tank
heated tank

Fabricating the tank is the easy part

It is to installed on site on the week end. the roof through which it is to be installed [after the other existing old tanks are taken out] is a double skin [pretty sure there isn’t another skin, but we wont know until the roofer remove the roof sheeting then they need to cut through the cladding under the purlins, the electrician has to remove any cables in the road, and the plumber has to terminate the sprinkler lines.

Then everything has to be put back together. The aim being to achieve this all SAFELY on Saturday – with a bit of prep work.

This is one very tricky task – only needs one crew to be sick or something and it all goes pear shaped. There is also the weather aspect – its supposed to be fine and we are hoping it stays that way

paddle inside the tank
tank paddle mixer
25000 Litre Heated tank

All built from scratch with pride and care in our Minto workshop

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