Special 1000 Litre Ribbon Blender

Just finished a really special ribbon blender – a mobile unit with:
> integrated platform
> 1 piece lid with hinged loading station
> loading station includes dust extraction point
> loading station is circular so no hard corners to clean
> main safety mesh welded into the 1 piece lid which protects the operator with cat 3 safety switch
> a removable finer interchangeable screen is easily removed and changed
> Stainless gas struts on the main lid to allow unhindered access to clean.
> Split cooper bearings at each end
> small control panel in easy reach of the operator
> VSD control in main control panel located under the platform out of the way
> quick dismantle shaft seals for quick and easy gland packing changes
> 1 tonne castors for easy and reliable manoeuvring – 2 castors have brakes.


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